Youth and Education Department

The purpose of Youth and Education department is to form unity among Karen youth in the United States and to develop and inspire them into becoming great leaders by  providing necessary training and education about leadership roles and responsibilities.   As the Karen population in the United States gradually increases,  it is important and very crucial for our younger generation to have the capabilities of collaborating with others in continuing the organizational works. Therefore Karen Organization of America’s Youth and Education department aims to promote Youth Exchange and social engagement to establish a foundation which would have the means to benefit not only Karen people in the United States but as well as our people back home and in other countries.

We also encourage Karen teenagers and young adults to pursue  higher education, willing to provide assistance and resources as needed with the hope of one day our educated young individuals could have the ability to lead their communities to advance and be more compatible with others.   Karen communities in America consist of young and passionate individuals who are in need of guidance and the right influence to uncover their potential within and Karen Organization of America is believed to be that force to bring out the best in them.

Saw Lotplar Laywah
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Phone: 402-999-6370.
Saw Antonio Heh