A Community support for families and individuals residing in the state of Minnesota.

Karen Organization of Minnesota

has been providing a variety of services and enhancing the quality of life for all refugees over the past decade

The Karen Football Association (KFA) unites the community’s passion for football with the importance of gender equity, while giving opportunities to young women and men that sit outside the mainstream sports system.   Offers scholarships, create positie enviroments, and establishes a foundation for generations to come

Karen Society of Nebraska's mission is to help refugees and immigrants from Burma in building and sustaining a high quality of life and to achieve self-sufficiency in the state of Nebraska.  KSN preserves Karen heritage and culture, assists families/individuals to become well-integrated, provides community resources, and other services.

If you are interested in becoming a United States citizen and have met all the requirements, you may submit Form N-400 to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and start preparing for the test.  

This video below will guide you through the questions on the Neutralization test.  A thorough explanation in Karen language

for each question.

Opportunities for High School seniors to continue their education by applying for scholarships and other programs through the states' government.

The Myanmar Scholars and Leaders Program (MSLP) is a scholarship program to train and support the next generation of leaders and scholars, from a pool of diverse and promising young leaders in Myanmar, in top U.S. graduate programs both Master’s and Ph.D. degree  to develop strong technical expertise and leadership skills needed to assume inclusive leadership responsibilities in various ministries, departments, and sectors in Myanmar and beyond.

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