The vast majority of  Karen people in the United States consists of newly arrived refugees who are struggling to find their way out of poverty.  Often times, the new immigrants find it hard to adapt and adjust to the new environment because of language barrier, transportation issues, lack of community support, and other daily struggles.   The complex difficulties for an uneducated foreigner in a well established and developed system is much of a burden which brings frustration and can only be understood by putting oneself in the position.

After some time of investigating and assessing social conditions of Karen people in the United States, Karen Organization of America has come to a solution to solve the issues in this matter.   We are hoping to improve the living conditions for Karen in the United States by making necessary changes such as adding more community support,  advising educated individuals to help contribute in the society, making recommendations and referrals, guiding the struggling families and individuals to sources that benefit them, and getting them connected to their local humanitarian offices / welfare assistance.

One of the missions for Karen Organization of America is the promotion of Karen communities well-being.  Upon succeeding in this mission, Karen Organization of America is working toward  developing relationships between community leaders across the United States, building community cooperation, and providing social services and  resources to families and individuals that are in need.  Regional coordinators are Karen Organization of America’s officials and authorized representatives acting on behalf of the organization for community outreach, facilitating regional conferences, and associating with leaders to help serve the communities and the people.

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Saw Cha Htoo Russo
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Saw Tee Nee 

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Saw Taw Klu Moo
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April Moo
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Saw Gay Taw

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