ShaMuNu Season's Greetings

In our fourth shamunu podcast, we have special guests including music composers, singers, rappers, youtubers, and a professional athlete joining us in our end of year holiday celebration. In addition, we also have trivia for our viewers to receive a special prize for each correct answer.

Covid-19 vaccines and their safety
An interview with Tharamu May sae, a Karen nurse practitioner at Mohawk Valley Health System, regarding COVID-19 vaccines and their safety.
Sha Mu Nu podcast # 3
Our topic of discussion for Sha Mu Nu Podcast #3 is about mental health. Please listen to this brief discussion with our colleagues who are working in that respective field.
Sha Mu Nu podcast # 2
A discussion with university and college graduates about the importance of voting.
Panel discussion second part
four panelists from various background: an educator, a nonprofit leader, an entrepreneur, and a community and human rights activist will share their perspectives and what they hope and expect from the election. Discussion on various issues from education, social justice, economy and human rights issues, implication for U.S-Burma relations post-2020 and etc.
Panel discussion: 2020 Election


A panel discussion on 2020 US presidential election to discuss issues and policies important to Karen-American community.  The topics focus on issues ranging from immigration, health care, economy, social, education, environment and candidate qualities and leadership.

Sha Mu Nu podcast # 1


A discussion with two of our contestants from KOA essay competition. Our topics ranging from their favorite pet's name, entering the essay competition, to discussing and recommending policy for the development of Kaw Thoo Lei. Have a listen to what they have to say.