Media Department

Over the past decade a resettlement program / an opportunity for a better life was introduced to Karen people and one third of the entire population were pulled toward some economically developed countries, making it the biggest wave of migration in Karen history.   Karen people are spreading  all over the globe yet they are all connected and linked to each other through social media.   Media relation and the internet make the world a much smaller place and information are easily accessible for everyone.

In order to keep people updated with Karen Organization of America’s works,  our Media department is devoted to provide accurate information to the public about the organization’s activities, policies, and practices in a positive, consistent and credible manner.  A relationship between the mass and a corporation is partially based on the work of  its media and  we intend to focus on keeping the mass informed with true and factual information about an Organizations which stands solely for its people.

Saw Say Moo Htoo Shee Aka Hess
phone: 309-430-7924
Smile Oo
phone: 315-484-6529