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Strategies for the Karen Revolution to succeed



Saw Kaw Hay Tha

The Karen revolution was first organized by Kaw Ko Saw Ba U Gyi who had cooperate in the Parliament with the conviction of equality in Myanmar to get-rid of the British colony in Burma (called Myanmar). After Burma gained its independence at the hand of Burmese in 1948, Karen people in peaceful demonstration showed their solidarity with the creation of a Karen state in Yangon (Rangoon). The authority leader, Bo Nay Win responded to the demonstration that if you wanted your freedom, you needed to fight for it. Since then, Saw Ba U Gyi started to organize the separate army groups and named it KNU (Karen National Union) to fight against the dictatorship in Myanmar. In 1949, January 31st, the Karen revolution began and it was established as the Karen Revolution’ Day. The army groups fought against the dictatorship along with the Burmese military for freedom. The Insen war was the greatest and the longest period for the Karen people as the other ethnic army groups was the follower. The war took over one hundred and eleven days which lead by the KNU. The insurgency groups fought over north said of the country and it was seven more miles in a proceeding. Unfortunately, the Burmese military turned the war’s face to request for peace negotiations for the country. Kaw Ko Saw Ba U Gyi decided to join it while the other leaders disagree with it. Anyway, he said even those we won the war, the conflict would never stop without negotiation. As the process he did, it was manipulated but the Karen revolution still continuous until now. According to his speech, there are three possible ways to address for our Karen people to gain our self-determination and freedom which are - 1.Army struggle 2.Political dialogue and a negotiated settlement with the Burmese government and 3.International intervention and arrangement on the Karen people behalf.
              The first way to gain our independence is the army struggle in the same way as our Karen revolution must be the first and the last time. In response, we need to achieve our aspiration for a coherent strategy and review our actions in every said of the country especially our Karen state. To do this, the Congress for political change will invite all the separate army groups’ representative and found the committee that promises to prepare for self-justifying of civilian's security, because our people is priority. Our people can provide a population of soldiers, foods, and weapons as well as the patients’ caregivers and nurses. We also have enough training to get ready for the war. In order to declare the war, we are preferred to reunion and commit solidarity. Passionately, we will gain our independence in a short period once every separate army groups fight together with good communication. The war should be everywhere in the Tatmadaw (Burmese military) barracks their tanks and the camps they stay in the state. Cut down their transportation from the city to the combat and destroy every camp. The Karen (BGF) Border guard Force, They know where the Tatmadaw head-quarters in the City, so they will explode a few of it to decrease infliction the war in the state. We have to fight offensively at once without negotiation with the Tatmadaw until we gain the war and own our independence and freedom of self-determination. 
                  On the other hand, it is hard to deal with the civil war for the civilian in Karen state less wise people have different minds of the political view to be unity. According to the current situation, there are many separate army group that have difference perspectives and their own dignity.  So, it is hard for the government to organize the groups and some of them can be followers of Tatmadaw so, it can turn to fish eats fish and frog eats frog. In 1994, Mar Ner Plaw (the head-quarter of the ethnic army groups in Myanmar) was destroyed because of the DKBA (Democratic Karen Buddhist Army) separate from the KNU and cooperated with the Burmese Military and fight against the KNU. In case, the KNU had fought defensively and rewarded to defeat our Karen people who were murdered, tortured, and who had to flee from their homeland. In the same way, only the Karen civilian (the villagers) in Myanmar will have to struggle in trouble and people will lose their property when the arm struggle is began. Moreover, innocent people will have to die and people will face famine. No one would like to looser the property they have and burn it uselessly. The country is modernizing and many developments and cultivations are in the proceeding. Many of the schools and some other buildings such as hospitals, offices, churches, and monasteries which are under the KNU government system are built. We don't want these to be meaningless efforts for our people. To consider for the development of our people's well-being and human right, we are not supposed to use the way of violence by solving the conflict with war because it is not a clever way and the better way for our people.
The Second way is political dialogue and a negotiated settlement with the Burmese government.  Before the ceasefire agreement and after ceasefire agreement many things are changing in Karen state.  Karen and the Myanmar government still ongoing political dialogue. At the same time, the Myanmar government opens the door for foreign investments, development projects and implements their administration in Karen people areas. Base on the political dialogue, the government takes the opportunity and tries to implement the projects such as Hatgyi dam and Thauk Yay khat No. 1 dam, coal mining and other development projects. Nowadays, the Burmese government tries to make laws and policies such as Vacant, Fallow, and Virgin Land Law,(VFV law) forest law, Every law that the government writhes is not protected the people, it protects the company and foreign investors. It becomes more threatening for Karen people who are living in rural areas because the government can take the land legally according to their law. Moreover, the Burmese administration is launched to the Karen areas an indirect. For example, education, most of  Karen schools are transferred to the Burmese education curriculum because the Burmese government shows them a better way to develop their children's education as the Karen curriculum is not recognized by the Myanmar government and international. Students can't study their Karen History, Grammar, culture, and tradition in the schools. Because of this indirect way, we will lose our history, culture, tradition, land and our nation will disappear.
Since, the ceasefire agreement, the people in the Karen state have more opportunities to improve their living standards and get a better life for their livelihood and their education. Because transportation is getting better, the local people can do small business easier than in the past. So, they can support their family and rebuild their homeland, village, and support their children to get higher education. Furthermore, the young people from the refugees and border got the opportunity to move back to take action for their national development, education, and to discover the situation in Myanmar. Some of them admit their selves as a Myanmar citizen to get the passport for their further study.  And also the NGO, INGO, CSO, CBO have the opportunity to give awareness and empower the community people about human rights, civil rights, health care, and sanitation, and many other things that develop the wellbeing and improve their life security. Because of these, most of the Dams, coal mining, mining, and some other development projects are delayed by the protection of the community people and some organizations. As the community people are aware and educated, they are willing to develop their community and don't want to see any other thing that will affect their future life survivor also for their new generation. So, our new generation will get a better future and some of our people whose have further their study to oversee, they will foresee their education toward the development of our nation and the new generation.  
 Another possible way to address is that the international intervention arrangement on the Karen people's behalf. The Karen people have their historical background, cultural and traditional, Political, the territories, population, the government system, military, the education curricular, and anything that a nation must-have. In reason of the international monitor about the government systems in Myanmar, it seems that the government system of Karen people is much better in contract with the Myanmar government. For example, the Salween peace park in the Karen state is recognized in the international. It is lunch by the Karen people and the KNU government. The KNU government tries to connect every district in Karen state and start to ensure the areas of the state and the population to show it with the village’s gram such as the landscape of map. And also another action that works on now is that the demonstration in the USA. It is a great activity for our Karen people around the world, especially in Myanmar. It ranges the international to know about the Karen people and investigate the ancient of the Karen people in Myanmar to see what the Karen people's behalf. Furthermore, it supports the international to figure out what our Karen people deserve. So, we can gain our freedom logically by showing the fact and the evidence of our determination.
                The international intervention usually occurs when the human rights abuse, the conflict of war and the violence happen in the country. They use soft power to solve the conflict in Myanmar. And besides, it’s not easy to deal with the conflict without hard power over the Myanmar government. Early in January 2020, the top UN court issued a provisional order asking Myanmar to implement certain preventive measures against the genocide on the Rohingya in Myanmar. However, the four months after UN court order, the UN’s formal Special Rapporteur on the human right in Myanmar, Yanghee Lee, said Myanmar has not taken any steps since the order. In other cases, the government denied their ongoing persecution, and continuously, the conflict happens in many other places in Myanmar, especially in northern Rakhine and southern Chin. It affects a million people, and it is hampering humanitarian effort and independent monitoring. The government deadlock the internet and also doesn’t allow the UN human rights council to enter the conflict zone. So, no journalists can report the facts and the evidence to the international for government intervention in Myanmar. The united nation focuses on the whole country and to every ethnicity. This intervention doesn't reach to the Karen revolution to gain our freedom and self- determination, because the international intervention arrangement is weak to focus on the Karen people behalf unless they can court the authority government and the dictatorship in Myanmar. 
               Political dialogue and a negotiated with the Burmese government are a better way and an opportunity for me to solve the conflict without violence. It is like a political game which has the background of the KNU military and the supporting of the international. It doesn't mean that we surrender.  By choosing this way, it is the opportunity for us to get our freedom and self-determination without using the violent. Our military should be well prepared for the war because the NCA process is in transition. Our strategy that we have played must be stronger than the Myanmar government. So that, the KNU government to start to demarcate the land and territory of the Karen state and also try to connect every brigades of Karen people. They implement the right of Karen indigenous and they internationally set up the Salween peace park in Kaw Thoo Lie. The areas like Taw Oo Indigenous Land, Tanawthari landscape, and some other areas are in proceeding. It is the indirect way that we can gain our self-determination as Myanmar government have sign the international indigenous right of The Convention on Biodiversity ( CBD). In contract with the Myanmar government during the peace negotiate; the Myanmar government has conflict of civil war with the other ethnic people that have not sign the NCA. They use violence and kill many of the civilian. Likewise, many of Karen civilian in Karen state were killed by Tatmadaw. According to the peace dialogue, the KNU government cannot get any rights that they demand.  Furthermore, they propose keep only one military with the NCA member so, The KNU stop participating in official peace talk. Finally, the consequence of the peace talks will intervene in the political change by the international to monitoring the government's systems and the movement of the political dialogue.