Karen Martyrs' Day 2020

Commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Karen Martyr’s Day. Due to COVID-19 this year we cannot hold physical celebration and large gathering to commemorate our fallen heroes and comrades who have fought and sacrificed their lives for Karen freedom. Instead we hold a virtual commemoration to remember them and renew our spirit today as we promise to carry on the struggle to fulfill their dream.

Second annual conference

A highlight of our second annual conference which was held on September, 5th, 2020 in Rock Island, Illinois.

Karen Martyrs' Day 2019

A memorial day for Karen people to honor our long lost martyrs who deliberately had given their lives for Karen.

The 69th Anniversary of Karen Martyrs' day was celebrated in Saint Paul, Minnesota on August 10th, 2019.

Youth Forum / Advocacy Training

An overview of the conference attended by Karen Youth across the United States. We are greatful to have great leaders and staffs working together with our youngsters to develop a new generation for Karen's future. We strongly encourage everyone, especially Karen youth to be more involved, active, and participate in our future conference as we will be conducting this advocacy training annually.

Karen New year of 2758

A brief Documentation of Karen New Year celebration in Rockford, Illinois.  It was an honor for us Karen Organization of America to have joined the Karen Community of Rockford in celebrating the 2758 Karen New Year anniversary.

West Coast Conference

An overview of  Karen Organization of America's west coast regional conference.  A number of state representatives and leaders from 5 different in the west side of the United Stated attended the meeting and it was an absolute success.