KOA protest at Burmese Embassy

On Saturday, February 6th, 2021 a group of more than 60 people from several different states lead by Karen organization of America have joined together to protest for the human right violation happening in Northern Karen state and the military coup in Burma.

A Rally in Washington,DC

A twenty-minute-long documentary capturing KOA's rally in Washington D.C. at the front of Myanmar Embassy. The rally was attended by more than seventy people comprised of ethnic minorities from the Karen, Kachin, Rohingya, Rakhine, and Burmese. The aims of the rally were to express solidarity for all ethnic minorities and to demand the International Court of Justice to bring Myanmar and the Tatmadaw to justice for the crimes against ethnic minority groups.

KOA annual conference 2019

A short documentary for Karen Organization of America Annual Conference in Kansas city, KS narrated by Thara Eh Nay Thaw.

Mutraw Education Outreach

An insight of the school and education system in Mutraw district documented by Karen Organization of America's media group. The video provides some facts about the district schools, experiences shared by the teachers, and the needs to advance and further the education for generations to come.