DC Trip
An announcement by Naw Khu Ghay about our upcoming trip to Burmese embassy in Washington DC.
Urgent Matter
An A discussion with our joint secretary Saw Kler Eh Soe about the most recent letter released for the current issues that is going on in certain region of Karen State and the arrangements made by Karen Organization of America to assist in this urgent matter
Essay Contest Announcement
​Naw April Moo, Karen Organization of America's western regional coordinator makes an announcement for winners of the Essay Contest
KOA's director Saw Nay Htoo's speech
An announcement by KOA's executive director Saw Nay Htoo highlights the purpose of second our annual conference, strategic planning, prior year summary reports, and encouragements for Karen youth and our audience.
A rally in Washington DC
Smile Oo's announcemnt about an upcoming rally which will hosted by Karen Organization of America in front of Myanmar Embassy in Washington DC to support ICJ and ICC for their court process
A message from Free Burma Rangers
A strong message from David Eubank, founder of Free Burma Rangers. It was an honor for our team to have received the opportunity for a visit to Free Burma Ranger Training camp and meeting with David and his family during our education outreach
Karen Martyr's Day Celeration

A detailed public announcement regarding Karen Martyr's Day celebration and soccer / other sports competitions by Thara

Chris Baw

Western regional Conference

Thara Gay Taw, KOA's westcoast region coordinator announcing an invitation about an upcoming KOA's Westcoast Regional conference.

KOA Cup 2018


A video announcement addressing detailed information about the upcoming youth and sporting event which will be jointly held by Karen Organization of America and the Karen Community of North Carolina.
We would like to invite all Karen Communities across the United States to participate in this sporting event on Thanksgiving holiday..
Looking forward to see you all.

Deportation Annoucement


The announcement regarding Karen deportees, why they were deported, under what circumstances, recent agreement signed between U.S and Burmese govt regarding deportation, and what arrangement KOA is making to assist those who were deported or were already in Burma. Stay tuned and don't forget to reach out to KOA contact persons provide in the clip for more information.