After the British left Myanmar at the end of the second world war,  the military government started launching a mission with an intent to eliminate, suppress, and Burmanized all ethnic minorities within the country.  Since the mission was initiated, there has been an ongoing wave of genocide and incursion resulting in countless undocumented cases of murder, kidnapping, torture, trespassing, sexual assault, and other unimaginable inhumane acts.  The unresolved cases of these crimes against humanity and human right violations have been taking a toll for over decades and deem to gradually increase to present days.  On the account of the unfortunate situation,  Karen Organization of America has solemnly pledged to justify such actions performed by the brutal army against the innocent civilians.

Karen Organization of America works for human rights, freedom, and progress in Myanmar with a crucial role in collaborating with other ethnic groups to conduct campaigns for democracy.  Our advocacy department is objecting to acknowledge and raise the awareness of the human right abuses to the American public and international communities and make appropriate recommendation for actions to be taken in order to bring accountability for the oppressor.  We take pride in conducting a mission  to bring justice and the heavenly rights for Karen people and other ethnic groups in Myanmar.

Our Works:

  • We generate worldwide media coverage, ensuring the world does not ignore the crisis in Burma.

  • we conduct campaigns which help spread the voice of the voiceless war victims in Karen state and other ethnic areas across Burma.

  • We expose human rights abuses that the Burmese army tries to keep secret.

  • We have ensured life-saving supply and aids delivered to villagers forced to flee attacks by the brutal regime.

  • We lobby governments all over the world to do more to promote human rights in Burma.

  • We are campaigning to stop any companies investing in Burma in ways which contribute to the interest of the oppressive regime.

  • We provide support and training to Karen organizations and other ethnic organizations, building the capacity of people from Burma to speak out and influence  international community leaders.

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